Daily Discovering the Blessing

Years ago, I created a crewel work design using today’s title – all bedecked with flowers.  The words are not original to me. (Credit would be given if I knew the source!)

Fear is a tactic of the enemy.  Faith is our weapon for the pulling down of such strongholds.  The Word is our ammunition that, stood on and spoken in faith, thwarts the enemy’s intentions and receives God’s provision. Every symptom, every attack, every ambush is rendered ineffective by the Word of God.

When fear of any kind knocks at your door, equipped with God’s Word – which specifically confronts the issue at hand – stand in your authority as God’s daughter and directly confront the lie.  For truly, anything that sets itself up against the Word of God is a lie.  (2 Corinthians 10:5)

Financial hardship plagues your days?   Fear of terror or danger?  Fear of illness?  Dig into God’s Word about finances or provision, or safety, or health.  Gather together Scripture verses filled with God’s promises and clearly stated purposes on the subject.

Read books by brothers and sisters in Christ who have discovered God’s principles concerning whatever issues confront you – whatever area of provision you need.  Listen persistently to faith-filled CD’s on the subject.  Build yourself up in your most holy faith (Jude 1:20) on the subject and that particular lying vanity will pass.  It must pass!  God does not lie.

This is not a case of “God knows where I live so He’ll bless me if He wants to.  If He doesn’t, I’ll bear up under it.”  The legwork is yours; the homework, the digging in.  The faith stand, your words, your mouth speaking God’s Word in faith, puts fear in its place – well outside your camp


God’s Word on the subject:

Luke 12:32          Romans 8:15            2 Corinthians 10:4-5

1 John 4:18         Jude 20


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