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The Boldness of Faith

Smith Wigglesworth shares the story of a young English girl who came to one of his meetings to receive healing for a goiter – an enlarged thyroid. She was prayed for and at the next day’s meeting she testified that she had been wonderfully healed and couldn’t wait to go home to tell her mother.

The next year she traveled again to Wigglesworth’s convention and stood and shared testimony with all attending that she had been wonderfully healed of a goiter at last year’s convention and had had the best year of her life because of the Lord’s wonderful healing touch, although Wigglesworth shares that “from a human perspective it looked as though the goiter was as big as ever.” But she gave testimony to all who would listen that God had healed her.

The third year she returned to the meeting, continuing to praise God concerning her healing, although some spoke directly to her – “Look in the mirror. What’s wrong with you? That goiter is bigger than ever.” Wigglesworth writes:

“The young woman went to the Lord about it and said, ‘Lord, You so wonderfully healed me two years ago. Won’t You show all the people that You healed me?’ She went to sleep peacefully that night, still believing God. When she came down the next day there was not a trace or a mark of that goiter.”

Faith stands! Faith expects that God can only ever be true to His Word. Faith boldly declares (all physical evidence to the contrary) that God’s Word, His promises, are the only reality. Faith receives the promise and carries away the reward (Hebrews 10:35-36). There can be no compromise with this. Compromise, wavering, lingering doubt, attention to the problem all play a role in destabilizing and undermining a faith stand. (James 1:6-8). Faith perceives as real fact what is mot yet revealed to the senses (Hebrews 11:1). Because God has said it, it must be! Boldly and gratefully declare God’s Word into each circumstance you encounter, consistently and peacefully assume the blessing, watchfully and confidently receive the manifestation. For truly, it must be. Our Abba’s Word is only ever always true.