Daily Discovering the Blessing


In his two books, Three Cups of Tea and Stones into Schools, Gregg Mortenson shares the progress of his life’s work in building schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan with an emphasis on education for girls.  The philosophy behind his focus on educating girls is profoundly simple and profoundly universal.  When you educate a boy, for the most part he grows up to better himself and his family.  When you educate a girl you effect a change in society.  He is undoubtedly correct.

I truly believe that this same understanding can be applied to the realm of the Spirit.  When God’s daughters learn to walk in the truths and the principles that govern God’s Kingdom, they will effect a change in their own lives, in their families, their communities, the Church, and the world.

This blog is really meant to be a “conversation” between you, me, and our God – my experiences, your listening ear, and God’s Word.  This is my letter of love and encouragement to my sisters in Christ – a discovery together in learning how God’s Kingdom works and how to walk and live in that understanding.

Before I gave myself to full-time writing, my calling was in Christian Education – first as teacher, then as headmaster.  The desire of my heart is to reach out to God’s daughters with the Truth of who they are in Christ; enabling them to walk in the fullness of His blessing. I live in what I consider the most beautiful place in the world, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.   I am a wife, mother, and grandmother.

Merrilynn Grodecki



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