Daily Discovering the Blessing

Recommended Reading

The following books will be referred to throughout the posts.  They are faith building and spirit maturing and have been a blessing to me over the years.  Many I return to over and over again to build myself up in a particular area:

Arbo, Barbara – My Hindsight, Your Foresight

Bevere, John – Extraordinary, The Life You’re Meant to Live

Bevere,  Lisa – Lioness Arising

Capps, Charles – The Tongue, A Creative Force

Bosworth, F.F. – Christ, the Healer

Copeland, Gloria – God’s Master Plan For Your Life

God’s Will is Prosperity

Hagin, Kenneth – Following God’s Plan For Your Life

How To Be Led By the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit and His Gifts

Hammond, Lynne – The Master is Calling:  Discovering the Wonders of Spirit-Led Prayer

Hammond, Lynne and Patsy Cameneti – The Secrets to Powerful Prayer

Johnson, Bill – When Heaven Invades Earth

Lewis, C.S. – Mere Christianity

Pearcey, Nancy – Total Truth

Renner, Rick – Dream Thieves

Savelle, Jerry – No Limits, No Boundaries

Smith, Malcolm – The Power of the Blood Covenant

Wigglesworth, Smith – Smith Wigglesworth Devotional

Wommack, Andrew – You’ve Already Got It, So Quit Trying To Get It

Yeomans, Dr. Lillian –Balm of Gilead

Health and Healing

The Great Physician

Healing From Heaven


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