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A Peace Filled Heart

Psalm 34:4-5- I sought (inquired of) the Lord and required Him {of necessity and on the authority of His Word} and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears.

It is through peace that the Son of God is revealed in your life. A peaceful, quiet, confident spirit is tuned into God’s frequency.

John 14:27 – Peace I leave with you; My {own} peace I now give and bequeath to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. {Stop allowing yourselves to be agitated and disturbed; and do not permit yourselves to be fearful and intimidated and cowardly and unsettled.} (Emphasis mine)

“Do not permit!” Stop allowing the tactics of the enemy to touch your heart. Recognize his “modus operandi” immediately. Satan’s sole intention is to compromise your walk before God; to sow his negative influences of fear, worry, concern, intimidation; to knock you off balance in your faith walk, and to reduce God’s powerful, alive, and active Word (Hebrews 4:12) to a place of ineffectiveness (Mark 7:13) in your life.

Tuned into Satan’s frequency – he is the god of this world order (2 Corinthians 4:4) – we cannot at the same time tune in and yield to our Father’s Truth. And the enemy is often very subtle in the strategic placement of distraction in our lives. Caught up in (ensnared in) worldly issues – financial, political, familial, social – we are submitting to and yielding to an unsettledness that does not honor God. We – His children! – bicker and argue and waste precious time proclaiming the rightness of our opinions on various issues when we are meant to be “busy with His business” (John 9:4). Let’s follow our Lord’s example in this. When faced with something seemingly insurmountable, the news of a death, He remained unaffected – “overhearing but ignoring” (Mark 5:36).

Our Lord’s instructions in John 14:27 teach us to be persistent in looking to Him – His peace, His constant loving provision, His Word. The steadfast look to Jesus – attentive, expectant, a “steady and absorbing gaze” (Numbers 21:9), considering no other viewpoint (Romans 4:19-21; 2 Corinthians 4:18) – is what pleases our Father (Hebrews 10:38), receives all of the promises (Hebrews 10:35-36), and disables the negative impact of Satan’s tactics. Our thoughts become aligned with His thoughts (2 Corinthians 10:5), our words speak only His Word (John 15:7), our days are filled with and focus on Heaven’s purposes, and we flow, unhindered, in Kingdom rhythm.

It is not surprising, living in this present darkness (Ephesians 6:12), that true heart peace can seem to be elusive; carefree living not easy to achieve. I exhort and encourage you this day to place yourself fully, without reservation, in the care and keeping of the Lord (1 Peter 5:7). Look only to our Lord and Master Jesus. Submit only to the indwelling Holy Spirit. Honor God with your joy, reflect Him with your peaceful heart. Jesus gave and bequeathed to us His peace. Purposefully practice it!


Daily Renewal – Part Two

We continue addressing the vitally important, life-altering practice of speaking God’s Word and His Truth into our days -spiritual realities transforming the physical world. We renew our minds and our situations with the words we resolve to speak.

Keith Moore, pastor and teacher to the Body of Christ shared two powerful stories along these lines. Always remember that when you hear such testimonies- this is the will of God concerning you as well. for He is no respecter of persons and what the Truth of His Word has accomplished in one life it will accomplish for all through faith in His stated Word, His revealed will. (Ephesians 6:9)

A man came to Pastor Moore actually quite hopeless concerning his addiction to nicotine. He said that he had been prayed for many times to be able to stop smoking with no success. He had often thrown away packages of cigarettes only to go in search of them again. Pastor Moore counseled him to say, every time he bought a package of cigarettes, “I don’t need or want to smoke.” Every time he took out a cigarette and lit it up he was to say, “I don’t require nicotine any longer.” In between puffs he was to speak out, “I don’t need cigarettes.” With some surprise the man warily agreed to these instructions. After a few weeks he came up to Pastor Moore amazed and joyful, testifying that one day he went to have a cigarette and simply did not want it anymore. He was free! The words of his mouth changed his outcome.

Pastor Moore also tells of a daughter of God who was extremely ill with stomach cancer. She had been a missionary, teaching and preaching the Word of God in Central America, but was now “bedfast”, reduced to skin and bones. How disease robs us of our vitality and our work and witness for the Lord! This sister in the Lord could keep no food in her stomach; whatever she ate came right back up again. She was so weak she could barely be heard when she spoke. Pastor Moore leaned in close to hear her whisper, “I am so weak I can’t keep any food down.” He heard in his spirit, “Let the weak say I am strong.” (Joel 3:10) He told her to repeat after him, “I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might”. Slowly at first, very slowly and almost inaudibly she spoke those words. For forty-five minutes he and she spoke those words until her voice could be heard outside by all who passed by, praising God and speaking in faith. Pastor Moore instructed her to say when she tried to eat and couldn’t keep it down, “I have a ravenous appetite. I eat in health and my body receives in health.” He further instructed her never again to say, “I am so weak and I can’t keep any food in my stomach.” Every time she threw up (in other words when visible physical symptoms still seemed to prevail) she was to wipe off her mouth and say, “I eat in health and my body receives in health.” Two or three months later she was up and about the work of the Lord, gaining weight and walking in health.

I too, along with so many others, have experienced a season of physical attack. For truly, that is how we must view such encounters. One brother in Christ has said, “I consider a splinter in my finger as an assassination attempt.” Smith Wigglesworth has said:

If it is only a finger or a tooth that aches, if it is only a corn on your foot that pinches you or anything in the body that detracts from the higher spiritual attainment, the kingdom of Heaven is dethroned to a degree. Disease or weakness or any distraction in you is a power of violence that can take the kingdom of Heaven in you by force. The same spiritual power that will reveal this to you will relieve you. On the authority of the Word of God, I maintain that “greater is He that is in you” (1 John 4:4) than any power of Satan that is around you. How much more would be done if you would inwardly claim your rights and deliver yourselves.” {Smith Wigglesworth Devotional}

For many months an infection requiring surgery kept me unable to walk. I was at first wheel chair bound and spent a month in hospital and at a rehabilitation facility, followed by months at home seated on the couch. During this process I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes. From the very outset of this physical attack I knew two things – God is my Healer and I needed to speak that Truth every day, all day. I listened to healing tapes concerning healing. I read Keith Moore’s book on Healing. Gloria Copeland’s books on healing promises and God’s Will for You, and Bosworth’s Christ the Healer. I fed on God’s Truth concerning healing. I spoke God’s Truth concerning healing. I called my body strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. I spoke to my pancreas – spirit taking authority over flesh – and said, “My pancreas is strong and healthy and it produces just the right amount of insulin for the nutrition I give my body.” I said, “Diabetes is a disease under the curse of the law (Deuteronomy 28:15, 61), but Jesus has redeemed me from the curse of the law (Galatians 3:13). I called my circulatory system strong and healthy and my blood pressure normal. I called my immune system strong in the Lord and healthy. In fact, for many weeks I daily went through an inventory of all my body parts and systems- brain, heart, lungs, digestive system, etc. – calling them healthy and exhorting them to perform their functions and to fulfill their purpose the way the Creator God made them to perform.

I came home from the hospital with medication for every physical issue the medical community had discovered. I checked my blood sugar four times each day as instructed and gave myself insulin shots, all the while saying that this was a short lived phenomenon. I checked my blood pressure every day, as instructed (there was a pill for that too). I was given sleeping pills and stomach acid pills and pills for nausea. I had no appetite (all the while calling my appetite strong and healthy) and often gagged and threw up due to the regimen of pills and the toll the infection had exacted from my physical well-being. I called my digestive system a healthy receiver of good food.

When I truly just wanted to share with others how awful I was feeling – weak, nauseous, and yes, sometimes discouraged –I spoke only what the Word says about me instead. I remembered a similar testimony from Barbara Arbo, a sister in Christ whose prayer ministry at The Sanctuary – a New England place of prayer in New Hampshire that is such a blessing to the Body of Christ. Barbara says that when well-meaning friends asked her how she was feeling after a serious and painful injury, her answer was always “I am getting better and better and stronger and stronger every day.” That became my mantra as well. Every day I spoke praises to God for His love and goodness to me and for the reality of and the manifestation of my full healing. When I weakened in this – and I did – my wonderful faith-filled daughter encouraged and exhorted me to stand on His promises only.

One by one, every issue and the associated medication for that issue was gone. My appetite is no longer compromised, no blood pressure medication is needed; no insulin is needed for my blood sugar levels are within normal range. I am the healed of the Lord!

Jesus said, “Take no thought” about physical issues. (Matthew 6:25). Consider not (Romans 4:19) the concerns and limitations and hindrances of the flesh. Speak only what God speaks about you.

When the church does not teach these Truths, the Body of Christ suffers and is weakened. We must encourage each other into mountain moving faith. We must exhort each other to “have faith in God constantly”. We must give each other firm footing in all of the promises of God. Take great care with what you are hearing and speaking.

And He said to them, “Be careful what you are hearing. The measure {of thought and study} you give {to the truth you hear} will be the measure {of virtue and knowledge} that comes back to you – and more {besides} will be given to you who hear. (Mark 4:24)

Vitally United

In Isaiah 28 we are told what causes times of true refreshing. It is our full and complete reliance on the Lord – not on our own abilities and understanding (Proverbs 3:5), not on the teachings and traditions and doctrines of scholars and religion (Isaiah 28:13; Mark 7:13; Colossians 2:8), not on what those in the world around us accept and expect (Mark 7:7). Our Father, our Creator, encourages our absolute reliance upon Him throughout Scripture and condemns the half-hearted, lukewarm (Revelation 3:16), and even dismissive approach to Him ; keeping Him at a distance in the guise of reverence and the mistaken sense that we can never truly know Him.

Isaiah 29:13 – And the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near Me with their mouth and honor Me with their lips but remove their hearts and minds far from Me, and their fear and reverence for Me are a commandment of men that is learned by repetition {without any thought as to the meaning}

Success is life submitted to the purposes and plans of our Creator. Worshipping our Father in spirit and in truth (John 4:23) means that we are vitally united to Him.

John 15:4-5 – …neither can you bear fruit unless you abide in Me…apart from Me {cut off from vital union with Me} you can do nothing.

Nothing! Without His guidance, without our absolute submission to His Word and His Spirit, we do nothing of lasting, eternal, God-pleasing value. It is God in us Who works to:

Strengthen (complete, perfect) and make you what you ought to be and equip you with everything good that you may carry out His will {while He Himself} works in you and accomplishes that which is pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ… (Hebrews 13:21)

Jesus is our example in this when He said:

I have glorified You down here on the earth by completing the work that You gave for Me to do. (John 17:4)

We glorify our Father when we submit, listen carefully, and truly pay attention daily to His leading, so that we too can complete the work that He has for us to do. The Holy Spirit has teaching and instructions, guidance and strengthening for us every day. He will, if we will carefully attend, help us build a character pleasing to our Father, witness to those who need Heaven’s touch, establish our own unique ministry to the world, and daily give evidence to the peace and joy that are ours in Jesus (John 14:27; John 15:11).

In Acts 9, God calls on Ananias,a disciple in Damascus, to go lay hands on Paul that He would regain his sight. At first Ananias is very concerned about approaching Paul for he knew of Paul’s reputation in severely persecuting Christians. But on God’s leading, at His command, Ananias obeyed. Smith Wigglesworth says of him:

“Ananias…lived in a place where God could talk to him. His ears were opened. He was one who listened to the things from Heaven.”

Ananias is a brother-in-Christ for whom it could be said:

…on You do I lean and in You do I trust. Cause me to know the way wherin I should walk, for I lift up my inner self to You. (Psalm 143:8)

Take yourself out of your own keeping and entrust yourself to His keeping (Acts 16:31). Stay vitally united to the Lord.

…for the Father is seeking just such people as these for His worshippers. (John 4:23)

New Realities

“I guarantee there is not a person in the whole world who could be nervous if he or she understood 1 John 4. Believe that God loves you.
Smith Wigglesworth

For the child of God, everything that God has promised through Jesus is within reach (2 Corinthians 1:20). For the born-again believer, the ability to “receive and carry away {and enjoy to the full} what is promised” (Hebrews 10:36) is our guaranteed inheritance. For those led by the Spirit of God, kingdom provision and kingdom realities become manifest, by faith, in this physical world. That’s God’s promise!

Jeremiah 1:12 – Then said the Lord to me, You have seen well, for I am alert and active, watching over My Word to perform it. (Amplified Bible)

Jeremiah 1:12 – I will make every word I give you come true. (Message Bible)

Gently lean back onto the everlasting arms! He is your refuge and your dwelling place (Deuteronomy 33:27, Psalm 91:2). Come to know, practically and intimately, through personal experience, the love God has for you through Jesus (Ephesians 3:19). Come to know Jesus through quality time in the Word. For you cannot come to know Him with love and trust, you cannot receive promises you are not yet even aware of, unless you feed on the Word. God’s Word is His guarantee to us that when our faith agrees with His Word we receive.

Kingdom ways (the culture and principles of God’s realm) challenge our observations and experiences in this physical world. We need to relearn reality; we must entirely reconfigure our understanding of how this new life works. God’s kids are to approach Him boldly and confidently (Hebrews 4:16) yet humbly (James 4:10).We are not to believe what our ears hear or our eyes see if those two senses contradict God’s Word (2 Corinthians 10:5). Spiritual eyes, trained through time in His Word and the daily practice of Holy Spirit guidance, attend to the unseen, rather than what our physical eyes see (2 Kings 6:17, 2 Corinthians 4:18).

The very best, the safest, the surest place to be is living in the confident assurance that God’s Holy Spirit lives in us (John14:23). The heart’s understanding that we are no longer a part of this world’s system (John 15:19), that we have been transferred (translated) into the realities of God’s kingdom (Colossians 1:13), is the beginning of the training of our spiritual eyes, and the starting point of a faith walk that so pleases our Father.

Isaiah 30:15 – For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: In returning {to Me} and resting {in Me} you shall be saved; in quietness and in {trusting} confidence shall be your strength…

“Oh, if by the grace of God we could only see that the blessings of God’s divine power come to us with such sweetness, whispering to us, ‘Be still My child. All is well’…What would happen if we learned the secret of asking once and then believing?”
Smith Wigglesworth

Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory!

There is a wonderful scene in Anne of Green Gables when young Anne quite dramatically cries out in a fit of self-absorption, “Oh, Marilla, don’t you ever despair?”, and Marilla calmly replies, “To despair is to turn your back on God”.

Despair, hopelessness, and fear find their antidote and are rooted out through praise. As born-again children of God, praise is our joyful response to our Father’s love. It is His command to us over and over throughout the Word, and it is His due-deservedly so! To praise Him is to acknowledge His Kingship in our lives; it magnifies the Truth of His Being, His authority and His loving care; it powerfully establishes God and His loving purposes as the center of your life.

Faith-filled praises to God, our amazed and thankful response to His love and goodness, opens up the door of your heart for the entrance of joy. For how can there not be joy?! Released into His care, trusting His Word, experiencing the “Yes” of God regarding His promises (2 Corinthians 1:20), understanding all that Jesus willingly endured on our behalf, we “exult and thrill with inexpressible and glorious (triumphant, heavenly) joy” (1 Peter 1:8).

A praising and thankful heart relinquishes concern; it affirms God’s ownership of our lives – every detail of our lives -and it expects God’s faithfulness to His Word and His promises (Romans 4:21, Hebrews 10:23). Not only is a joyful heart the direct result of praise, it is, like salvation, a gift of God to us. Heavenly joy is not something we manufacture; it is not just a happy by-product of praise. We are the blessed recipients of His joy. He made us – He knows how our bodies function. He tells us:

A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing. Proverbs 17:22

The joy of the Lord is your strength and stronghold. Nehemiah 8:10

In John 15:1-11 Jesus explains to us the importance of Vine life. He is the Vine, we are the branches. Living vitally connected to Him we bear much fruit, and in so doing we honor our Father. He then completes the teaching with:

I have told you these things that My joy and delight may be in you, and that your joy and gladness may be of full measure and complete and overflowing. (Verse 11)

For years I mistakenly interpreted this verse as saying that if we remained connected to Him, He would have joy and delight in us; that would make Him happy. In fact He is saying that His joy would transfer into us through our connection with Him. The Message Bible offers:

I’ve told you these things for a purpose: that My joy might be your joy and your joy wholly mature.

In Christ, vitally connected to His power we have His joy. It is a fruit of the Holy Spirit within us (Galatians 5:22) As with all other aspects of Kingdom life, it is by faith that we operate in such joy. It is by faith that we understand that the joy of the Lord, “joy unspeakable and full of glory (1 Peter 1:3), the joy of Jesus Himself is within us. It is ours. Allow this Truth to inform your days, your outlook, your every response. It will positively and profoundly color your world!

You will show us the path of life; in Your Presence is fullness of joy, at Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore. (Psalm 16:11)

Praise Him!

Sincere praise and joy coming forth out of a truly grateful heart are the underpinnings, the foundations, of faith. They are its true expression, and they accurately and reliably demonstrate the reverential fear and honoring of our God. They proclaim our Abba’s faithfulness, His affectionate care and watchful attention to everything that concerns us (1 Peter 5:7).

There are so many potential opportunities within any given day to have our praises silenced and our joy extinguished. We need to recognize that praising God is a powerful tool in our spiritual arsenal, and that expressing joy in every situation establishes our reliance on and our trust in God. Not only is this our demonstration of love and gratitude for Him (as well as reverential fear), not only is it the deepest part of who we are calling out to and acknowledging our Life Source, it is “mighty before God for the overthrow and destruction of strongholds” (2 Corinthians 10:4).

Praising God defeats the enemy. When we fix our hearts and minds on His power and authority, when we hold onto the Truth of His Word as our only reality, when we stand in faith that His wonderful promises are ours – Satan has no foothold! He is a defeated foe and our faith-filled praises seal the deal!

And how often and when do we utilize this tool? Constantly!

Hebrews 13:15 – Through Him, therefore, let us constantly and at all times offer up to God a sacrifice of praise, which is the fruit of lips that thankfully acknowledge and confess and glorify His Name.

We truly are meant to be continuous praisers. Ephesians 1:12 identifies us as having been “destined and appointed to live for the praise of His glory”, and Isaiah 57:19 (Amplified) tells us that our Abba will make our lips “blossom anew with speech in thankful praise“. Praising God in all situations is an essential aspect of our spiritual DNA.

As with everything our Father commands, this directive to praise Him continually is for our benefit. Honoring and reverencing Him with grateful praise establishes us in the Beloved (Ephesians 1:6), hides us in the Secret Place (Psalm 91:1), and strengthens and encourages us concerning His mighty power on our behalf. It places Him rightfully on the throne of our lives and effectively reminds us daily that He is in charge of everything that concerns us not we ourselves (Psalm 100:3).

So when a tactic of the enemy rises up to try to defeat you – health issue, financial concerns, persecutions, confusion – when fear attempts to derail your faith and accompany you along your way – praise our Father for He has already accomplished your means of escape (1 Corinthians 10:13). He is our Provider, our Healer, our Peace, our Wisdom, our Overcoming Victory. Praise Him joyfully! Think on Him and praise Him throughout your day. For you have been “destined and appointed to live for the praise of His glory” (Ephesians 1:12).

Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) are those who dwell in Your house and Your Presence; they will be singing Your praises all day long. Selah (pause and calmly think of that). – Psalm 84:4

Psalm 91, part 1

Psalm 91:1 – He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty {Whose power no foe can withstand}.

A story is told of Smith Wigglesworth – used of God to preach and heal – that reveals so much about the “secret place of the Most High. A visitor knocked on his door one day carrying a newspaper under his arm. Wigglesworth welcomed him in, “but that”, he said, pointing to the newspaper, “must be left outside.” Life in the world and life in the kingdom of God are so unalterably opposed. (James 4:4)

The extraordinary, life-affirming promises of Psalm 91 begin here – dwelling in the secret place – remaining stable and fixed there.

John 17:14 – I have given and delivered to them Your Word (message) and the world has hated them, because they are not of the world {do not belong to the world}, just as I am not of the world…

People of faith make a choice to either be nestled (cocooned) in God’s secret place or to permit the loud and intrusive strains of worldly issues, daily concerns, and conformity to worldly attitudes (Romans 12:2)to color and compromise their walk in the Spirit. All of the comforting and powerful promises of this Psalm begin with the stipulation – live here. Fix yourself in the care of the Lord here. We must meet those conditions in order to expect God to fulfill the promises and establish the protections that follow.

Exodus 15:26 – If you will diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord your God and will do what is right in His sight, and will listen to and obey His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases upon you which I brought upon the Egyptians, for I Am the Lord Who heals you.

In both verses, Exodus 15:26 and Psalm 91:1, we have our part to play – indeed, a significant role. “If you will…” God says, “then I will.” Your faith in God and in His Word is what secures the promises. When your trust in God is compromised by also attending to the problem in front of you -you are visiting the secret place, not dwelling there. When you accept negative events and concerns as an inevitable part of life on earth, all the while asking for your Abba’s help – you are visiting he secret place, not dwelling there. Let not what your eyes see or what your ears hear have the ascendency over what the Word of God tells you is true. There is a brand new way of looking out over your days when you dwell in the secret place, rather than visit.

It is Written -Part One

Throughout His letter of love to men our Abba teaches us about the power of the spoken word. As His children, created in His image, “after His likeness” (Genesis 1:26), we are to be imitators of our Father; we are to “copy Him and follow His example” (Ephesians 5:1). God,

[Who gives life to the dead and speaks of the non-existent things that {He has foretold and promised} as if they {already} existed. (Romans 4:17)],

demonstrates that reality throughout His Word. From Genesis to Revelation what has been promised is fulfilled; what is prophesied manifests; what is foretold must take place.

By faith we understand that the worlds {during the successive ages) were framed {fashioned, put in order, and equipped for their intended purpose} by the Word of God, so that what we see was not made out of things that were visible. (Hebrews 11:3)

From the very beginning (Genesis) God demonstrates to us the power of the spoken word – “Let there be…” (Genesis 1: 2, 6, 9, 11,14, 20, 24, 26) – and then gives us that word, intending that we be co-creators along with Him. For when we speak out God’s Word in faith, He honors that faith, is well pleased by that faith, and sees to its fulfillment. It was always His intention that men and women of faith, the Body of Christ, the Church, would emulate His example, and Jesus’ example, and speak forth His Word into every situation to usher in the Truth, the power, the light, and the standards of the Kingdom of Heaven into daily lives.

…for You have exalted above all else Your Name and Your Word and You have magnified Your Word above all Your Name. (Psalm 138:2)

Our God is ever faithful to His Word and “He confirms the word of His servants” (Isaiah 44:26). In other words, He says, “I am alert and active, watching over My Word to perform it.” (Jeremiah 1:12) He provides the promise in His Word, we speak forth that promise in faith – we trust in, lean on, and rely on that Word – and He brings it to pass. His character is on the line here! His commandment to us is that we put Him in remembrance of His promises and keep not silence. (Isaiah 62:6) There seems an urgency in that directive, an expression of its vital importance. And when we obey Him in this, He then confirms His faithfulness and brings into manifestation our spoken word of faith.

Jesus said, “Have faith in God constantly” Do not doubt at all in your heart. Believe that what you say will take place. “Believe (trust and be confident) that it is granted to you and your will {get it}.(Mark 11:22-24)

Speak forth God’s Word – His promises to His children – with the understanding that our Abba’s Word is “alive and full of power{making it active, operative, energizing and effective} (Hebrews 4:12). He has established that to be true. He has created His Word to be a supernatural force; a “self-fulfilling power” (Isaiah 61:11).  Let this Truth guide your discourse and establish your word choices. Tap into this powerful life changing force. Honor and obey your Abba’s ways of doing and being right. Let “It is written” become “It is spoken”.

Making a Symphony Together – Part Two

The Prayer of Agreement (Matthew 18:19) is stipulated by our Lord Jesus to result in the successful manifestation of “whatever{anything and everything}” that is requested. That is certainly all-encompassing!

When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, My Father in Heaven goes into action. (Message Bible)

There is faith-fueled agreement in prayer with other believers, and there is also personal, heart-felt, voice activated agreement with God. We can “agree {harmonize together, make a symphony together}” with our brothers and sisters in Christ, but we can also daily make a symphony together with our Abba. Hebrews 11:2 says:

By faith we understand that the worlds (during the successive ages) were framed (fashioned, put in order, and equipped for their intended purpose) by the Word of God, so that what we see was not made put of things which are visible.

Prompted by faith, urged on by faith, we speak forth God’s Word and we fashion, put in order, and equip for its intended purpose our future days. We speak not of what we see before us:

Since we consider and look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen; for the things that are visible are temporal (brief and fleeting), but the things that are invisible are deathless and everlasting. (2 Corinthians 4:18)

We speak God’s Word, His promises. That is His provided ammunition for that which attempts to defeat us. We observe something before us that does not line up with God’s Word – something “less than” in terms of His covenant with His people; something that denies what Jesus already purchased on our behalf through His life and sacrificial death; something the enemy would like us to accept and receive. And we follow the faith example of our forefather Abraham:

He didn’t tiptoe around God’s promise asking cautiously skeptical questions. He plunged into the promise and came up strong, ready for God, sure that God would make good on what He said. (Romans 4:21 – Message Bible)

It takes work to write a symphony with God – the daily music score of our lives. For we must dig deeply into the Word, mining as for hidden treasure. (Proverbs 2:4) We can only appropriate from God’s Word that which we know is there. We cannot declare that He will make good on what He has said if we don’t know that He has said it. We can only stand in faith on a particular issue if we have made ourselves aware of His mind on the matter. Then the symphony writing may begin!

Faith’s firm foundation is established upon this principle; confronting adversity with the Word of God; speaking forth His promises into the discordance we may encounter. The Holy Spirit is the conductor of this symphony, bringing to our remembrance everything God has told us regarding His care and provision and expectation for His kids. (John 14:26)

And we speak it forth in faith as God alertly and actively watches over that Word to perform it. (Jeremiah 1:12) Honor our Father by speaking forth His Word to frame, fashion, put in order, and equip your future days, to thwart the enemy’s intentions, and to “receive and carry away {and enjoy to the full what is promised} (Hebrews 10:36)

Making a Symphony Together

When the disciples were unsuccessful in driving a demon from a young boy (Matthew 17), and after they observed Jesus successfully accomplishing it, they asked Him why they were unable to do what He later accomplished. His response to them informs believers today:

Because of the littleness of your faith {that is your lack of firmly relying trust}. (Matthew 17:20)

This same verse in the Message Bible says:

Because you’re not yet taking God seriously.

Throughout the Gospels and on through the New Testament letters, God encourages, exhorts, and trains us concerning the power of our words – or more precisely the power of our voice speaking out His Word in faith. We are to be imitators of our God (Ephesians 5:1):

Who gives life to the dead and speaks of the nonexistent things {He has foretold and promised} as if they {already} existed. (Romans 4:17)

Even before the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus on the cross to restore us back into the grace and family of God, even before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2), God indicated the potential of accomplishment within His creation in Genesis 11:6:

Behold, they are one people and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do, and now nothing they have imagined they can do will be impossible for them.

And that was God’s assessment of man’s ability on a natural level, without the ministry and power of the Holy Spirit:

…you shall be baptized with (placed in, introduced into) the Holy Spirit… you shall receive power (ability, efficiency, and might) when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be My witnesses…to the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:5, 8)

As God’s born again children, we are to carry on the faith that Abraham demonstrated, for he was:

…fully satisfied and assured that God was able and mighty to keep His word and to do what He had promised. (Romans 4:21)

And Jesus assures us in Matthew 18:19:

Again I tell you, if two of you on earth agree (harmonize together, make a symphony together) about whatever {anything and everything} they may ask it will come to pass and be done for them by My Father in Heaven.

When this prayer of agreement between believers honors God’s Word, demonstrates firmly relying trust, and takes God seriously –
then we operate in a kingdom rhythm that pleases God (Hebrews 10:38), moves mountains (Mark 11:22-24), and brings demonstration and manifestation of Hebrews 11:1 – speaking reality to spiritual blessings – “perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses.”

Jesus demonstrated for us what firmly relying faith will accomplish – the dead are raised, the blind see, the deaf hear, disease is healed, provision overcomes lack, wisdom replaces confusion, love defeats fear(1 John 4:18)

Taking God and His Word seriously is reality altering. Our Abba calls us to mountain-moving faith. He calls us to stand unwaveringly upon His Word (James 1:6-7). He calls us to harmonize together in firm expectation that His promises will manifest in our lives. Write your symphony!